How to get Verified on Instagram?

How to get Verified on Instagram?

Instagram look at a number of factors when evaluating Instagram accounts to determine if they're in the public interest and meet verification criteria.

  • Authentic: Your account must represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  • Unique: Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. Only one account per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
  • Complete: Your account must be public and have a bio, profile photo and at least one post. Your profile can't contain "add me" links to other social media services.
  • Notable: Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity. 

    Start Instagram verification Process for your account now

    • Accounts which get verified has engagement rate of 7-10% of followers usually. Engagement counted in form of post like, video views, story views, Impression, reach and profile visit. Are you worried that your account has not this much engagement rate. Don't worry you can get all these on our website Social Follow. click here to check service list and price. If you are new user than sign up and start placing order.
    • Time required 45-60 days depends on profile category.
    • Add story every 24 hrs till your profile gets verified.
    • Update minimum 1 post daily till your profile gets verified.
    • Add required engagement from Social Follow.
    • Account with more than 10K Followers has higher chance of getting verified.
    • Example: Suppose a account has 10K followers than story views should be around 700-1000, Post like will be 700-1000, video views will be 700-1000, impression should be minimum 1000, reach should be minimum 1000, profile visit should be 1000. Some goes for IgTv videos minimum 1000 views and likes 700-1000
    • Then apply for verification from your Instagram account after 45 Days. Final decision will be of instagram. If your account fail to get verified badge. Repeat this process with higher engagement and then apply.
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The Secret to Rank on Youtube

The Secret to Rank on Youtube

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Imagine, If in 9 easy steps you acquired all the information you could about making this a reality. From this article, you will get the treasure of 'The secret to ranking on YouTube'.

So let's get started...

[Part 1]:-Video File name and meta data

So, how to change the raw file name of your video YouTube?

Uuuhhh, you can’t! Nope, sorry. Out of luck! 

But hey, there’s an upside to all of this… you get to learn something today! Yay!

Getting back to the issue at hand here, while you cannot change the raw file name on YouTube itself, what you can do is download your video, change it and re-upload… 

Or, just make sure you take care of this next time you upload and this is what we'll be covering in "Video file name and meta data"


Well, what you do BEFORE you even upload your video is crucial to your ranking success on YouTube.

Changing something like the file name before you upload to YouTube might seem insignificant, but don't let that put you off from getting into the habit of doing it before each upload.

You'll understand just how powerful it really is once you start uploading.

Remember that every bit of optimization helps when you try to rank on YouTube.

Also, when making videos, try aiming for 7 min - 15 min video length. Studies show these rank better because YouTube wants people to stay on their platform for longer.

Renaming Your Files

Rename your video file to match your main Keywords as well as your Video Title. This is super important and cannot be changed once the file has been uploaded.

Here's an EXAMPLE

Keyword: "how to stop thinking about someone who doesn't love you"

Video Title: "How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Doesn't Love You | 10 Tips Getting Over a Crush"

Video File Name: "How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Doesn't Love You 10 Tips Getting Over a Crush" 

File metadata

Open up the properties of that file and click on Details.

From there, you need to use every blank space in there and fill it with the same information as above.

The why///

The reason we do this is that youtube has become really clever in how they "read" video files. 

Fill in every blank space you can. Save and upload.

By adding your keywords into your video file's Metadata, you're already telling YouTube what your video is about before you even create your Titles and Descriptions.

Remember to add ALL your Tags in the "Tags" field too. Not just your video title.


Make sure you add your MAIN keyword right at the beginning. That way YouTube knows exactly what you're trying to get ranked for.

Be sure to be on the lookout for Part 2 where we'll be covering YouTube Video Titles and the CORRECT way of using them.

[Part 2]:- YouTube video Title

Right, so we’re on part 2 on how to get your videos ranking on YouTube.

After you’ve changed your file name and metadata, you’re ready to upload your video and start writing your video title.

You already know how to upload a video, so I won't bore you with how to do that.

Remember, your Video Title is the most important part of your video next to your thumbnail.

Let’s do this thing…

Use the exact keyword phrase you used when you changed your file name, as your Video Title.

Now, in the past, if you changed your title, description or tags after a video has been uploaded, it would have negatively affected your rankings. This is not the case anymore.

That being said, don’t go overboard as it will hurt your rankings!


The Why ///

The Title is the single most important ranking factor when it comes to getting ranked on YouTube. This tells YouTube exactly what you are trying to rank for.

Try to add your main keyword(s) twice in the Title if you can. Right in the beginning and towards the end.

"How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Doesn't Love You | 10 Tips Getting Over a Crush"


Your MAIN keyword should be first. The second part should be a bit more "clickbaity" to get the viewer to want to click on your video.

The idea is to get someone to click your video based on your Title as well as your Thumbnail (covered later).


If you're a new channel, DO NO try and be clever with your title. Do not do things like "Today I made cookies" or something stupid like that. 

You're new. Nobody cares (yet) if you made cookies or not. 

Your MAIN focus should be Keyword research and to create titles that people actually search for. 

The website I recommend above all (I'll be covering more later) is

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[Part 3]:- YouTube Video Description

Thanks for sticking around so long. I will not bore you more and move forward to our next step.

So in this, we’ll be learning how to write descriptions for YouTube videos. 

Before I get into the details of what to put in your YouTube video description box, you need to know a few things.

Along with your Title, the Description is the second most important part of your video optimisation. Here you're further explaining to YouTube what your video is about. 

I say second, but in actual fact, it’s tied with your Thumbnail. 

Description wins with ranking… Thumbnail wins with getting people to click your video (but thumbnails aren’t really part of this lesson).

Aim for 200 - 300 words in your description and do not spam with keywords. And by spam, I mean doing something like literally adding a list of all your tags and a ton of keywords separated by commas in your description. 

You will get penalised. Eventually. 

OK so let’s get cracking…

Add the exact Video Title as the very first line of your description. This, again, helps YouTube know what your video is about.

The format I would use is…

Title First. Always first. Always.

Now, if you’re trying to sell something, In that case, make sure that the URL is visible in the snippet when people view your video without having to click on the “Show More” button. 

Let me show you an example of this…


The reason for this has nothing to do with ranking and everything to do with making more money. But I digress.

Right after that, you would have your “hook”, or something to draw people in. Hooks aren’t really that important for ranking, however, if you have it in there, it doesn’t hurt.

From there, you add the first part of your video description. This can be around 200 or more words. Make sure you use as many of your tags and keywords in here as possible. Just don’t spam and overdo it or you will get penalised. 

Twice now I’ve warned you… :)

Give the user a link to subscribe to and use the word “NOW” as a psychological trigger. 

Adding playlists in your description is really powerful for 2 reasons. 

First of all, you are giving the user something else to click on after watching your video, increasing your session time and in turn boosting your rankings and possible suggestions. 

And secondly, by adding other content relevant playlists, you sort of pull everything together and YouTube rewards you for it. 

Remember, YouTube loves sessions. 

So the longer your sessions are, the better. So basically, when you send someone to YouTube to watch your video, your session time starts… then if that person clicks onto other videos, that’s good as the session time that you created is longer than if someone just watched your video and closed YouTube. 

That’s no good. Try to avoid that by getting people to watch your playlists…

Go on and add a little bit more meat to your description here. 

And then add a few links to your social media profiles. No harm in promoting yourself and this doesn’t negatively impact your rankings, so why the hell not.

Let’s add at least 3 content relevant hashtags as this will get displayed above your video’s title when someone opens your video. It both looks important and if someone searches for the hashtags, you’re likely to come out tops there as well. 

Golden Tip

If you want to seriously do some damage, take each one of your tags and change them to a hashtag. Add all of them into your description right at the bottom before you end off. 

End off by adding your Video Title again. Try to vary it up a bit so that it doesn’t look spammy… and then 2 links to the video you just uploaded. 

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust me, it makes a difference.


Add links to other good videos in your niche (helps with getting suggested) as well as some of your best performing videos. 

Remember YouTube wants users to remain on their platform for as long as possible and by doing this, YouTube looks at your session times and rewards you.

[Part 4]:- How to properly tag your youtube videos to get views